After leaving the studio with your fresh tattoo, its down to you to provide the aftercare to keep it looking fresh for the years to come. If you follow the instructions below you should end up with your tattoo looking great.


Remove the dressing after 2 hours.

After removing the dressing, give your new tattoo a really hot wash, using anti-bacterial soap, the hotter the better.


Pat dry with a towel. Keep the tattoo clean for the whole of the healing process wash at least twice a day.


Do not apply any cream for 48 hours.


In about 2 days time, your new tattoo will have dried a little and be starting to scab, start to apply the healing cream a couple of times a day after washing. Repeat until fully healed.


Tattoos normally take between a 7 - 14 days to heal, this varies from person to person.


DO NOT go swimming with a healing tattoo, chlorine and salt can irritate the tattoo.

DO NOT expose your healing tattoo to the sun, as it can burn really easily, which will lengthen the healing time and fade the colour of your tattoo.

DO NOT listen to anyone who isn't a tattoo artist.

DO NOT use Savalon, Sudocream or Vaseline. Use only the crem recommended by your tattoo artist.


DO contact us if there is anything you are unsure about.


If you want to be safe, even after your tattoo is healed apply sun cream to it when going out in the sun for any period of time, this helps keep the colours looking sharp and bright.